Tracking down nuisance bikers

Northumbria Police.
Northumbria Police.
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PEOPLE causing motorbike disorder in Ashington are being targeted by police.

Operation Scrambler was originally launched across the Ashington and Newbiggin areas in July to target motorbike disorder over the summer months after a rise in reported incidents.

Officers from Ashington neighbourhood policing team are now carrying out specific action to stop off-road motorcyclists who flout the law in the North Seaton area.

There are extra patrols in affected areas to identify those responsible for this motorcycle disorder and to deter further offending. These patrols in key areas also aim to reassure residents with their increased uniform presence.

Police and Community Support Officer Anastasia Drozdowicz said: “We’re running this initiative to target motorbike riders who cause a nuisance to local residents and pose a danger to people. Operation Scrambler has already seen a reduction in motorbike related incidents and numeorus bikes have been seized from those commiting offences.

“We’ll take positive action wherever possible in response to concerns raised by the community. Once bikes have been seized owners incur significant costs to get them returned and in many cases bikes are crushed preventing further illegal usage.

“Speed and any inappropriate use of motorbikes has the potential to kill or seriously injure, not to mention the impact it has on the quality of life for residents.

“We are now focussing our attention on the North Seaton area after we received a number of recent complaints about these riders and we’re using extra patrols to stop offenders and safeguard people.

“We’re also asking for help from the public to give us information about who is causing this problem so we can take further action.”

Police will be issuing section 59 notices to anyone found riding their bike carelessly. These warn riders that if they continue to drive anti-socially or dangerously their vehicle will be seized.

Bikers also face arrest for any driving offences and need to be aware that off-road bikes cannot be used on local authority or public land and only with the permission of private land owners.

A mobile police office will also be stationed on Oakville, North Seaton from Thursday, October 4, to Sunday October 7, between 5pm to 10pm each day. Officers will be available to talk to local people about any issues in the area and to give advice. Residents will also be invited to join the local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to help prevent crime and keep their property secure.

PCSO Drozdowicz added: “We work closely with our communities and we want to encourage people to visit our mobile station and speak to us. With residents’ help we can deal with local issues effectively and improve the quality of life for local people.”

Anyone who has concerns about crime and disorder can also contact their local neighbourhood policing team on 101 ext 69191.