TRADITIONS: Passing on to generations

I refer to the letter by Mrs Hovsepian where she brings to our attention a loss of traditions in the UK, (News Post Leader, December 28).

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 6:02 am

From the 1960s, technology has changed how we live in a way that would have been hard to envisage, and her letter, I believe, reflects a longing for occasions and events that bring people together, nurturing a feeling of wellbeing and togetherness.

The only way that longing can be satisfied is if each generation provides the leadership and the organisers that are needed to fulfil that desire.

Music plays a huge part in enhancing the quality of our lives. It stems from our Christian traditions and heritage, where musical and other skills were transferred from generation to generation.

I am very proud to play a leading role as a trustee of the Newbiggin by the Sea Partnership, which provides music tuition free to pupils at the Grace Darling Academy.

The partnership supports the steel band, Steel By The Sea, and also a woodwind group, percussion group, the choir, guitar and keyboard learners. This support is in addition to the excellent work provided by the school and the tuition offered by Newbiggin Jayess Brass Band.

It makes a significant contribution to the personal development of our young people, who will have the skills to maintain our traditions in the future.

Newbiggin by the Sea is also fortunate to have a very active Traders’ Group, which provides events and activities that attract many people and add to the quality of life. It is an example of selfless voluntary work.

The times may be changing, bringing new ideas and experiences that will reflect the nostalgia identified by Mrs Hovsepian, as long as we have people who can make it happen. Newbiggin by the Sea can boast many, including the Boxing Club, the churches, Salvation Army, Scouts, individuals, The Heritage Centre, and many others.

Hopefully, the next generation will contribute to our culture, heritage and traditions, from which we all benefit.

Alan Thompson

Newbiggin by the Sea