TRAFFIC: Rules should be obeyed

I have followed with great interest the efforts of Totnes Drive/Ringwood Drive in trying to get a 20mph zone introduced to curb speeding traffic.

I congratulate the residents on their success, but this will not solve the problem.

I live in The Avenues estate in Blyth and there is this speed restriction in place. A very sizeable majority of drivers take no notice of the speed limit.

I am a disabled driver and it can be very scary. I have even had ignorant drivers overtake on the opposite path because they cannot be bothered to wait until I reverse out of my drive.

The number of drivers who speed and use their mobile phones at the same time is so unreal. It is not just car drivers, it is van, bus and lorry drivers too.

I hope there is never an accident, but it will happen sooner rather than later if drivers don’t start to take care and observe the highway code and rules of driving.

We also have a problem with parking, especially at the local school.

Drivers need to be educated and drive within the rules and laws and have respect for other road users and residents. I don’t think this problem will ever go away.

Peter Armstrong,

Address supplied