Traffic surveys to help develop plans for relief road

Brought to you by the News Post Leader.
Brought to you by the News Post Leader.

Traffic surveys will be carried out across Blyth over the next few weeks as part of future plans for a new relief road for the town.

This will include putting in traffic counters and installing monitoring cameras to collect flows and movement information.

Northumberland County Council is progressing this options study as part of its wider vision to improve traffic movements in Blyth.

In the shorter term, work is already being scheduled in Cowpen Road to create better traffic flows.

A number of short roadside interviews will also take place with supervision from Northumbria Police.

They could cause minor delays to drivers, but the local authority has stated that they are vital to help develop long-term improvements to the town’s road network.

Leader of Northumberland County Council Grant Davey, who is also a Blyth resident, said: “A relief road for Blyth would be a major undertaking, but it would be an important step in improving the infrastructure of the town and boosting the local economy.

“Residents and local businesses will be well aware of the congestion that builds up on a daily basis on Blyth’s roads and we need to explore every option to ensure we get a long-term solution to these issues.

“This is just part of delivering the council’s longer term strategy for Blyth.”