TRAFFIC: Young lives are at risk

The relationship between the hard metal of a motor car and the vulnerable flesh and blood of a human being is an issue that never goes away.

Mr Peter Armstrong (News Post Leader, October 8) is to be congratulated on his concern for the safety of Blyth residents in the face of dangerous driving.

Very much related to Mr Armstrong’s legitimate and caring concerns is the question of driving and parking outside school gates. The ongoing horror story of hard steel vehicles versus soft skin children is a local, regional and national disgrace.

In my view the lives of young children are daily being put at risk by the behaviour and attitudes of selfish, insensitive parents.

Northumberland County Council also has a duty of care towards children attending its schools. Sadly those with the power and influence seem unwilling or incapable of working in any meaningful, effective way with Northumbria Police to protect our children.

Disturbing examples from my home town of Ashington include innocent, vulnerable families forced to walk in the road in avoidance of dozens upon dozens of dangerously parked cars.

Immediate, effective, if only partial solutions might include the following: Double yellow lines and signs prohibiting parking along a much extended section of the roadways near all schools; rows of steel bollards at short intervals to make pavement parking a physical impossibility; direct application of the law by Northumbria Police in reaction to the Department of Transport directive, “nationwide the police are able to take action when a vehicle parked on the pavement is deemed to be causing an obstruction or is parked dangerously”.

This is the very least our children should expect.

TM Patterson