Training aids the search for ‘green’ jobs

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UNEMPLOYED people from across the region have received training from a Blyth company in a bid to help them secure work.

The project, supported by Newcastle Science City and Newcastle City Council, received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to develop transferable skills in microgeneration to ensure local jobs are created and sustained in the green economy.

The National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec) in Blyth, in partnership with Newcastle Warm Zone, managed and delivered the training to skilled and semi-skilled unemployed technicians interested in gaining knowledge of new microrenewable technology systems.

Narec conducted a training needs analysis to decide the most appropriate and flexible programme to suit the learners’ individual needs.

Trainees chose from a variety of accredited courses.

A number who successfully completed the course have already gone on to secure employment in the area of renewable energy.

Newcastle Science City hopes to build on the project achievements.

Nick Powell, community engagement officer at science city, said: “We must effectively work together to integrate and co-ordinate funding and use it to help create and sustain as many local jobs as we can, with local people designing, supplying, installing and maintaining a range of renewable technologies in domestic and commercial properties.”

This project complements and co-ordinates renewable energy activities across the city to ensure we take advantage of the new opportunities arising in this area. Narec is providing energy master planning to Newcastle City Council to develop and agree a sustainable energy action plan and a city-wide climate change strategy, to deliver regeneration and help drive forward the delivery of low carbon and affordable energy schemes.