TRAINS: Experience hard to beat

When reading magazines recently, I observed an advertisement about a fabulous day touring the English Riviera or Settle in North Yorkshire, and Scottish and Welsh adverts for steam train excursions.

Sunday, 3rd June 2018, 6:47 am

It could be a romantic day out, touring the cultural heritage of places around Britain, never mind the Orient Express.

But one of the most breathtaking train journeys I’ve ever taken is the one from Edinburgh to Newcastle upon Tyne. The scenery is beautiful.

Why don’t we have the ‘Gateway to Northumberland’ steam day out, opening up some of the lovely village train stations in the beautiful hilly country areas of Northumberland and the borders with Scotland?

With all the comfort creatures that a train journey brings, it could be a special day out, with sumptuous dining that comes with maybe the slow Flying Scotsman, famous for the North Eastern line it travelled on.

It would be hard to beat, and long overdue after Beeching’s cuts of all those years ago.

Worth a thought.

Mrs C Hovsepian