Transport is key to future

Having read last week’s News Post Leader (November 27), I have to say how disappointed the attack on the Labour Party has annoyed me, because UKIP certainly is not the answer.

I am a Labour man born in 1964 and a Militant Socialist Trade Unionist who comes from a family of public passenger transport drivers, as my Dad started in the industry in the 1960s before I was born.

I entered the transport industry as a mechanic from school, moving to van driver, then onto a Hackney Carriage PCV Driver(16 seats and above) in 1987 at Go-Ahead Group in Percy Main.

I became the Trade Union head schedules design officer for five years, 1989-94, before leaving because of pay cuts and working conditions being removed.

I therefore became a private hire driver before moving back to Hackney Carriage taxi driver, the smaller PCV driver (fewer than 16 seat vehicles).

In April 2007 I became a National Road Passenger Transport Certificate of Professional Competence Management Qualified Person and it is my intention having a lifetime in passenger transport to see a fully intergrated transport interchange built in the south east Northumberland sector to facilitate all the passenger transport needs of the 300,000 population of Northumberland, of which around 200,000 live in the south east sector.

The creation of the super-hub would create construction jobs firstly replaced by service sector jobs after completion, but greater than that, it would give Northumberland a link to jobs because from wherever you live in the county you would be able to travel to work through the transport interchange, as it would involve rail, bus and coach, cyclists, walkers, car parking and taxis to get you where you need to be.

It would also service the Cramlington and Wansbeck hospital portals from anywhere in Northumberland, keeping people in the county creating inward investment in Northumberland.

Now the A1 enlargement from Northumberland to Scotland that the articles have babbled on about Labour not wanting, is only coming about because 85 per cent of Scotland bothered to turn out at the Independence vote, that Gordon Brown (Labour) managed to keep us together with his proud United Kingdom battle-cry in September when it looked like Scotland may have broken away at one point.

The A1 package has nothing to do with another party wanting it, it is part of the Scottish deal offered to keep us as the United Kingdom and give an east coast main road to Scotland as they already have a west coast motorway to Scotland.

Dave Walls

Transport Solutions

Consultant (North East)