Transport missing from town plans

I AM very pleased that Hammersons now seem to be finally progressing with the improvements in Cramlington town centre (News Post Leader, July 7).

Due to the economy it is understandable that it has been difficult to move forward with the earlier plans, though it did leave the town centre looking like it was ‘closed’ in some parts.

The planned cinema and restaurants will certainly bring some new life to the town and also improve employment possibilities in the area.

I only hope that there are no further delays due to difficulties obtaining planning permission.

The only thing that I did not hear anything of is any planned improvement in public transport.

I appreciate that it is still early on in the process, but it would be nice to know that some moves have been made to provide improved transport links in and out of Cramlington, particularly at night.

There will be no point in creating all of the new facilities mentioned if no one can get there, or get home afterwards.

I know a number of people who live in the Morpeth, Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington areas, and other more northerly places, who are very pleased at the developments as this will bring all of the facilities closer to them, providing there is transport.

Maybe these improvements will provide a little more weight behind the arguments of extending the Metro at long last?