TRANSPORT: Please work together

I am a member of SENRUG, the South East Northumberland Rail User Group.

Tuesday, 11th October 2016, 6:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 5:25 pm

A public meeting was held at Morpeth Town Hall on September 13, where the guest speaker was Mike Paterson, regional director of Northern Rail.

He talked about the plans for the development of the franchise and what this means for our local services.

It was interesting and good news.

There are jobs, occupations for train drivers, as 200 are needed urgently.

It is your aptitude and concentration Northern Rail is after, not too much of the A-levels – you sit its examinations.

But on a sad note, the audience was quite incredulous when Mr Paterson noted that in transport terminology, the Arriva Trains and Arriva Buses were not in good communication with each other.

Why for heaven’s sake?

The A&E specialist hospital in Cramlington is crying out for better access to its departments, be it better bus services or trains to get to it more quickly and regularly.

We need better communications to all these essential places for the public.

Isn’t it about time public transport services got their hands together and gave the poor patient, and sometimes exasperated public, a better all-round, more competent travelling service?

One they are happy with and can rely on for timetables being on time, that is clean and tidy and a place of comfort, not inconvenience?

Come on Arriva Bus/Arriva Trains, let’s have a bit of common sense now.

CJ Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea