TRANSPORT: Service is lacking

Like your anonymous correspondent, I am baffled by the Tory leader Mr Jackson's sudden interest in the re-opening of the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne Railway with the suggestion of a feasibility study, (News Post Leader, November 15).

Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 5:06 am

One has already been done so why is it necessary to start again? I hope it is not a bit of grandstanding on the part of Mr Jackson at the new North of Tyne Combined Authority.

Along with the above route, the Tories put a stop to the re-siting of Cramlington Railway Station, which remains hidden away near Nelson Village and hopelessly inaccessible to many.

Plans were well in place to move the station south and alongside the ever-growing Manor Walks shopping complex.

However, passengers remain with a service operated by Northern Rail, with the first train to Newcastle only starting at 8.05am, and even then there is standing room only for the up to 70 people boarding this train at Cramlington, who can’t even buy a ticket due to the absence of a ticketing machine.

There is no integration with the bus services in the town, which I find amazing as the parent company of both rail and bus is one and the same, namely Arriva.

I find it frustrating that a town the size of Cramlington, with ever-increasing road traffic, is hopelessly served by public transport.

Planners need to get on board.

Jon Hill