Trees are a benefit to all

I write in regard the article describing the intention of Northumberland County Council to construct a ten-hectare solar farm on the former colliery site at Ashington in an area full of high healthy trees, consisting of pine, oak, beech and other minor species (News Post Leader, June 4).

The destruction of these 30,000 trees was not mentioned in the article, or the fact that a high security fence and CCT cameras will be surrounding the solar panels.

The site will no longer be able to be used by the public, and there will be complete destruction of the natural habitats of a rich variety of wildlife, including red squirrels, deer, woodland birds, and wild flowers.

Furthermore, trees are vital to the environment, producing oxygen for us to breathe and ozone to repair the damage industry has caused.

Leaving this woodland to flourish would have enhanced the well being of the community, preserved the wildlife, and retained an excellent resource of managed timber for the production of electricity into the future.

When the land was transferred to Northumberland County Council from the NCB, it was covered by a ‘Deed of Covenant’ which restricted usage to:

a) Public open space, woodland, agriculture and public highway, and; b) There would be no buildings/works except permitted ancillary usages.

In my opinion this lack of environmental responsibility is beyond belief!

The tax payer invested millions in the reclamation and tree planting on these old pit heap sites, which are now a benefit to all, especially in the south east part of the county, where trees cover only two per cent of the land mass.