Trekker’s book set to help others

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A trekker from south east Northumberland has published a book to encourage others to take up a charity challenge.

On Foot to Machu Picchu – A duff trekker’s adventure along an Inca Trail, charts the ups and downs Sharon McKee, from Seghill, faced as she went on her first charity trek.

Although she loves exploring new places, Sharon is not a fan of camping and prefers home comforts like hot running water and toilets.

But after being diagnosed with breast cancer she was inspired to do a charity trek to Machu Picchu for Breast Cancer Care, which turned out to be a challenge in more ways than one.

Sharon said: “There were lots of ups and downs, from being affected by the high altitude to finding friends in the most extreme circumstances, but it was an incredible experience and we raised over £50,000 – I am so glad I did it.”

On Foot to Machu Picchu is available from Amazon or iBooks now.