Trolleys will be collected

I write in reply to J Hill’s letter (News Post Leader, June 4).

I notice from the photograph, that these trolleys belong to Asda, which actually runs a ‘trolley pick-up service’ in the Cramlington store.

All you to do when in-store is go to the customer service desk and report the whereabouts of the offending trolleys. They will then be collected.

As for making it a security problem, I think you will find that they are only interested in the trolleys with unpaid-for goods in.

What about those local people who aren’t lucky enough to have their own transport, must they add a taxi fare to the cost of their shop?

As for the wheel-locking devices, if the cost of a trolley is indeed £200, which I doubt, how much extra would the devices make the trollies?

The stores would obviously put up the prices – thank you, as if food and related items are not t expensive enough.

AG McRobb