Trust appealing for dog walkers

THE Cinnamon Trust run a charitable trust for elderly and terminally ill people enabling them to stay with their pets.

However, we are woefully short of volunteers in the south east Northumberland area.

The trust set up volunteers to help out with dog walking, pet grooming, feeding pets, driving pets to the vets, short term foster care etc.

People can give as much of their time as they can spare – it might be a few hours a week to walk a dog or the use of your car to take a pet to the vet when needed.

I currently walk a six-year-old golden labrador whose owner is unable to walk him through ill health, and if I and the other volunteers didn’t walk him it is a possibility that he would have to have him rehomed, as the dog is his only family that would be very distressing for him.

A lot of people would like to own a dog but cannot, for various reasons, so this is the next best thing, you get the exercise, you help someone less fortunate than yourself, and you get to meet other dog walkers as well.

If anyone would like to volunteer please contact the Cinnamon Trust on (01736) 757900, e-mail or write to the Cinnamon Trust, 10 Market Square, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4HE.

Thank you.