Trust wants end to cull

A badger.
A badger.

Northumberland Wildlife has renewed calls for the government to drop badger culling from its proposed strategy to tackle the spread of bovineTB.

In the six weeks of a pilot cull in Gloucestershire, 708 badgers were killed, representing just over 30 per cent of the estimated local population of 2,350.

Mike Pratt, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s chief executive, said: “Defra’s flawed badger cull policy remains a tragic distraction from tackling this devastating disease. 

“The pilot culls have clearly proven that the necessary criteria cannot be met; there has been a failure to cull the target numbers of badgers and a failure to do so within the set timeframe.

“This trust is reiterating its calls for the government to focus efforts on badger and cattle vaccination, stricter cattle movement controls and improved biosecurity.”

All 47 wildlife trusts in the country object to the culling.