Try a trek for new resolution

A trekker is encouraging anyone making New Year’s Resolutions to ditch the usual ones and aim high.

Sharon McKee, from Seghill, published a book to help encourage others do a charity challenge after her experience of trekking to Machu Picchu to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.

Sharon said: “I’d never thought of doing anything like this before, and had lots of worries, but it was an incredible experience.

“At this time of year when people are wanting to set themselves goals and challenges for 2015 I’d say aim high and look into doing a charity challenge.”

Sharon wrote ‘On Foot to Machu Picchu – a duff trekker’s adventure along an Inca Trail’ to share the reality of doing this kind of trek with others.

A donation from the ebook’s sales will go to Breast Cancer Care.