Tunnel cost to increase in New Year

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MOTORISTS travelling through the Tyne Tunnel are facing a price hike come the new year.

Tolls are to rise on Tuesday, January 1, as planned before the completion of the second vehicle tunnel.

The cost for car drivers will rise to £1.60 per journey, an increase of 20p, and heavy goods drivers will pay £2.50, an increase of 50p.

Permit holders will continue to receive a discount of 10 per cent on each journey through the tunnels.

Paul Fenwick, project director for the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority, owner the tunnels, said: “The increase in tolls is essential to finance the investment made in the New Tyne Crossing.

“Since both tunnels became operational in November 2011, journey times have reduced significantly, and around 10,000 additional journeys are made through them every day. This demonstrates the benefits of the New Tyne Crossing to commuters and businesses.”