Tutor suspended for prostitution and fetishes talk

Bedlington Community Centre.
Bedlington Community Centre.

A college tutor has been suspended for discussing inappropriate and sexually graphic content on an employability skills course.

A formal complaint was made to Northumberland College about the tutor, who is claimed to have held detailed conversations with students about prostitution, fetishes, and other sexually explicit stories on a course held at Bedlington Community Centre.

The tutor is also alleged to have played games with sexual content.

Student Paul Cocallis, from Bedlington, who attended the three-week course, said: “She told the group if you are willing to go around having sex with lots of people then common sense would tell you to charge for it.

“I don’t see how this is employment skills.

“She went into explicit details about prostitutes and the work of escorts and how much money was to be made.

“Through the whole course there wasn’t a day go by when she did not make a reference to people joining the sex trade.

“I don’t see this to be normal behaviour from someone in the profession of a tutor and it made me feel very uncomfortable.

“How on earth is this meant to help me get a job?

“I personally don’t think the taxpayer would be happy in the knowledge that their money is going on people doing pointless courses such as the one I have been on.

“I feel they would be disgusted to know what their hard earned money is going on. At £148 per person I would expect a lot more for this.

“I don’t feel like I can add this to my CV as if in an interview I was to be asked a question about this course I don’t think I have enough information to tell them the information they would be expecting to hear.”

Paul said others on the course seemed disgusted that a professional could act in this manner.

He added: “They looked very confused and worried at times with how open she was and the stuff she was saying.”

A spokesman for Northumberland College said: “The college received this complaint and put our complaints policy and procedures into place directly.

“The tutor was suspended with immediate effect.

“The issues highlighted within the letter of complaint were investigated thoroughly by a member of the executive team, and a disciplinary hearing arranged.

“Northumberland College takes all complaints seriously.

“The college employability provision currently has a 99 per cent positive customer satisfaction rate for 2012-13.”