UKIP opens new HQ in Northumberland

Political party UKIP has targeted south east Northumberland as a chance to win a parliamentary seat after opening a new office in Blyth.

UKIP’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, declared that Blyth Valley would be a ‘two-horse race’ between Labour and UKIP in next year’s general election.

Mr Nutall opened UKIP’s North East campaign headquarters and constituent advice centre in Blyth’s town centre, just a stone’s throw from Labour MP Ronnie Campbell’s office on Monday.

Mr Nuttall said: “We are going to take the fight to Labour in this constituency.

“Labour’s ‘anti-UKIP’ smear machine will, in no doubt, be in full swing in Blyth Valley right up until May next year.

“UKIP want to keep the NHS free at the point of delivery, we want to scrap the bedroom tax, and we want to scrap tax on minimum wage jobs.”

“It is no wonder that hard working people are flocking to UKIP in their droves,” he added.

Coun Barry Elliott, UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Blyth Valley, has pledged to open another two constituent advice centres in Cramlington and Seaton Delaval, if elected as the constituency’s MP next May.

“We in this constituency feel completely neglected by Labour, and have done for a number of years,” he said.

“UKIP are offering a positive vision for working class people who feel left behind by the cosy chumocracy which fill the green seats of Westminster.

“Labour have let us down time and time again, and we in the north east want a change.”