Under threat fun fair will go ahead

A CONTROVERSIAL carnival that has faced an uncertain future in recent years will go ahead in Cramlington this year.

Last year the annual fun fair in Cramlington did not go ahead after the planned site on land next to Station Road was withdrawn due to health and safety concerns.

Cramlington Coun Barrie Crowther said: "The carnival has been a tradition in Cramlington for 35 years, but this pattern was broken when the fair was denied access to its traditional home in Manor Walks because of parking problems.

"The former Blyth Valley Borough Council stated that there could be problems with relocation to other green field sites in Cramlington because of underground mine workings.

"An obvious place for the funfair was the extensive playing fields at Eastfield in Cramlington, but there was a reluctance to explore sites because of the cost of testing for mine workings."

Fairground owner Keith Turner provided the finance for a survey to be carried out, and the fair has now been given the go ahead from Northumberland County Council.

The funfair will arrive on Sunday, May 31, and will be open from Tuesday, June 2, to Sunday, June 7.

Coun Crowther added: "This is great news for Cramlington. I was disappointed when the fun fair disappeared, and am pleased there is now a new council which has a 'can do' attitude.

"As councillor for Eastfield I welcome the Funfair and I hope the residents give it a good reception.

"We want it back – we want to build on this and together with the new Cramlington Town Council resurrect the Cramlington carnival that people remember and bring back some fun and entertainment.

"It could not have come at a better time when there is so much doom and gloom about."

Val Winnett, treasurer of the Eastfield Estates Community Association, added: "In 2006 a group of young people from Cramlington highlighted their views to keep Cramlington fair alive and bring it to Eastfield.

"The young people were keen to have their voices heard, and came together as Eastfield Youth Enterprise (EYE), and with the support of two parent volunteers they put a case forward to bring the funfair to Eastfield.

"It is now, three years on, that we need to remember the real reason the funfair is coming to Eastfield – the voices of the young people."