Unimpressed by the roadworks

I would just like to thank Northumberland County Council on the recent road surfacing on the B1334 from Spittal to Dixons corner in Newbiggin.

The chaos and confusion it caused was a real issue.

Having spoken to the head of highways and construction prior to the work, I was unimpressed to hear he didn’t know the area and was looking at a map to determine where I had my concerns on the road closure forthcoming.

From March 24 to April 4 I experienced the following:

Near crashes from drivers unaware of where they were going as road closure signs everywhere were not clear on viable access (a van nearly backed into my car).

Elderly residents confused as to where to get the shuttle bus to various destinations (my husband helped one old lady on this matter).

A one-way street used as two-way with no signs of diversion for strangers to the area. Also drivers speeding up and down this system.

Workers chasing cars and shouting at drivers including myself and my husband who wears a hi-viz jacket for work.

I am sure I speak for a lot of residents who had to experience this poorly organised operation.

Hopefully other roadworks in future will be more carefully planned and the people who are to be affected will be taken into consideration.

Mrs D Sanderson