Union backs station calls

Union chiefs have backed local calls for Morpeth train station to be secured under any future East Coast mainline contract.

As revealed in last week’s News Post Leader, members of the South East Northumberland Rail Users Group raised concerns over the station’s future.

If the East Coast route is privatised in March 2015, the new franchise agreement does not include guarantees for services from Morpeth, with commuters unlikely to get to London before 10am.

The rail union RMT has slammed the proposals.

RMT acting general secretary Mick Cash said: “It is scandalous that the government are prepared to give the private sector vultures hovering over the East Coast route a green light to rip up the timetable and to leave passengers and communities cut-off.

“After two private sector failures we have no intention of allowing a third reckless gamble on the East Coast that would not only destroy the best-performing rail operation anywhere in Britain but also leave whole communities without proper transport links.”