Unions destroyed the coal mining industry

Mr Campbell, in his ‘Window on Westminster’ column (News Post Leader, May 8) made the bold assertion, propaganda masquerading as economic history, yet again, that the ‘Tories destroyed our industries’.

What nonsense. As the brave letter of Mr Milburn in the same edition makes clear it was the unions that destroyed the coal mining industry.

Likewise, it was Communist motivated trade union activity that destroyed the indigenous car manufacturing industry (remember Red Robbo?) and it was the Trades Unions that destroyed the apprenticeships, demanding, as they did, that apprentices be paid a full man’s wage thereby taking away from the young the motivation to become highly skilled.

In his tirade against the late Lady Thatcher shortly after her death, Mr Campbell even blamed her for the demise of the ship-building industry in the UK.

Again, historical nonsense. The demise of the ship-building industry was brought about by that industry being beaten on price and performance by other countries such as Brazil, Japan and South Korea, which emerged in the 1950s and 1960s able to produce ships better, cheaper and faster than could the Clyde, Tyneside and Birkenhead.

The market ruled then as in many other areas of economic activity.

Now, as Britain is recovering from an economic crash brought about by the bad governance of the Labour Party, industry is leading the way in that recovery.

If we want that recovery to continue the last thing this country needs is for a Labour (read Trade Union) government to take the helm once again in 2015.

One thing is assured, when Labour governs it wrecks the economy and a Conservative Party has to rescue the situation; it did that in the 1950s, again in 1979 and yet again in 2010.

Christopher Dorman-O’Gowan

Chairman Blyth Valley

Conservative Association