Unique way to put questions to candidates

Churches in Bedlington are pioneering a new way to let people put their questions to general election candidates this month.

A special web page has been set up where questions can be put to all the candidates with the answers avaiable to be viewed online.

Peter Rand, a retired minister from Bedlington who is organising the project, said: “We believe it’s vitally important that everyone gets fully involved in the election as what politicians decide affects all of our lives.

“Politics is too important to leave to those with the most ‘clout’.

“Every single one of us matters, so we must use every way we can to influence things.

“Each of us needs to make sure we know what the candidates think and believe about the issues that affect us – schools, hospitals, jobs, the towns we live in – then we can use our vote wisely.”

Anyone can email a question to bedlington.election2015@gmail.com or can write one and put it in the yellow box at Bedlington Community Centre reception.

All the answers candidates give will be seen on a special Election 2015 page of Trinity Church Bedlington’s website – www.trinitychurchbedlington.org.uk