Unusual mink is found living onboard boat

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A boat owner received a shock when he found a mink ‘living’ on his vessel.

Colin White, who owns a boat at South Harbour in Blyth, noticed the creature, but was unsure what it was.

Colin said: “To my surprise, when I boarded the boat, a head popped out of the chain locker at the stern.

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was an otter or a mink but I managed to photograph it and have confirmed it is a mink.”

After watching the coming and going, Colin has now discovered it has a partner that does not live on the boat.

Colin added: “In 40 years of owning a boat at Blyth, I have never seen a mink in salt water.

“Mink are not native to this country but were released from mink farms around the country and are now seen in the north east, but I understand that mink are fresh water animals, and not salt water, hence this is very unusual.

“On inspection of the stern of the boat, I found he had chewed through a cupboard containing the anchor, and was using this as a home.

“Then we were in the cabin when a head popped up on the bow, I don’t know who was more surpised.”

The mink decided to make a swim for it and was last seen swimming towards the shore.