Uplifted by these young people

THERE is nothing wrong with today’s youngsters if the incident we experienced on Easter Sunday was anything to go by.

My wife and I decided to go for a little walk around the park.

It was mainly to see the new skateboard facilities in Paddock Woods behind North Seaton Community Centre and the 1st Hirst Scout headquarters.

As we approached, we could see a number of children and young adults playing with their bikes – no skateboards in sight.

A youngster saw us and warned the lads to modify their language.

My wife said thank you to the boy and we had some light-hearted banter.

There was one boy with a brush sweeping some dirt into a pile. He asked my wife where her bike was and she replied that she had left the bike at home.

We were uplifted with this exchange and we want the parents around North Seaton to know that they have some wonderful and polite children.

To the parents we would like to give a big thank you.