Use the bin provided

Why is it that people think it is OK to throw their rubbish over my hedge rather than put it in the lampost bin 20 yards away?

Today was the day that the accident which has been waiting to happen finally happened.

An empty cider bottle was thrown over the hedge, but rather than landing on the grass in one piece, it hit a stone in the border and shattered, throwing shards of glass over a large area of the lawn.

Unfortunately the person who found it was one of my grandchildren, and she found it when it cut her foot.

So, we now have nice summer weather but the kids cannot play on the lawn until it has been thoroughly scoured inch by inch.

Therefore Mr or Mrs, Master or Miss, next time you need to get rid of your alcohol bottles in the middle of the afternoon, use the bin provided - not my garden.

That way we may avoid the pain and suffering of a cut foot on a five-year-old.

It seems a coincidence that we have had very little trouble all the time that the college has been on holiday, then this happens the first week of the new term?

Finally, I shudder to think what would have happened if my grandchild had been in the garden when it was thrown.

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