Usual business with Dave & Co

Parliament resumed this week after the parallel universe that is the party conference season.

During that period, we heard more than we want to about David Cameron’s bread-making skills – and precious little of the cost-of-living crisis hitting my constituents.

We found out that Boris Johnston, who doesn’t know the price of milk, wants to come back to Westminster. Let him try standing anywhere in the north east.

And we discovered what we already knew – the Tory toffs and coalition juniors in the Lib Dems want to bring back the spirit of Maggie Thatcher.

She didn’t leave much of Britain’s proud industrial base – the pits, steel plants and shipyards – but Dave and Co are doing their best to vandalise what’s left.

This week in the Commons, we were debating the lobbying bill, a Tory bid to stop trade unions campaigning for Labour in the run up to the 2015 election.

This month we’ll see the upshot of the plan to sell off the Royal Mail, a piece of cynical asset-stripping even Maggie stopped short of.

Privatisation means selling off most delivery offices to boost shareholders’ profits and relocating the rest to cheaper out-of-town locations, hitting both staff and customers.

And not content with their blitz on the poor, the pensioners, the unemployed, this month will also see enacted another raft of regulations designed to undermine workplace rights and protection.

Back to business indeed.