Verbal abuse is disgusting

It has come to my attention that some dog owners in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea have been complaining about the ‘hooks, line and sinkers’ left on the beach.

As a responsible angler, it is my job to clean up after myself, which I do.

However, in the last week alone I have had numerous issues with dogs running wild. I’ve had my ready baited hooks stolen from the top of my tackle box by an uncontrolled dog. I’ve had my fresh mackerel stolen from my bait bag and swallowed whole by yet another dog. I’ve had my pack of frozen worms ripped to pieces by someone else’s dog, but it’s all our fault, and we end up with a mouthful from the dog’s owner.

It is your duty as a responsible dog owner to keep your dog under control in a pubic place.

You should be keeping your dogs away from us, not leaving it up to us to look after their welfare.

If your dog does in fact eat our bait, and rummage through our bag, it’s not our responsibility. It’s yours.

If the dogs aren’t eating our bait and baited hooks, they’re urinating across our fishing box, rods, and even on one occasion our food.

It is absolutely disgusting the amount of verbal abuse hurled at us on a regular basis because of careless dog owners.

Myself and other anglers now intend to start taking photographs and video of all irresponsible dog owners.

We will report to the local council any abuse, verbal or physical, and anyone who allows their dog to ransack our bait or urinate across our equipment.

Annoyed Angler