Vicar Peter holds his last service

The Rev Peter Sinclair and his wife Philippa. Picture by Keith Saint
The Rev Peter Sinclair and his wife Philippa. Picture by Keith Saint

A popular clergyman will hold his last service in Newbiggin on Sunday.

The Rev Peter Sinclair, vicar of St Bartholomew’s Church on The Point for the past five years, is retiring after celebrating his 65th birthday.

“These past five years have gone by so quickly yet I don’t feel any older, which must be the sea air, but I do feel a lot wiser!” he said.

“Although I don’t have any clear plans for the future, I am still looking forward to further adventures that God may have in store.”

A visit to the Galapagos Islands is high on Peter’s bucket list as is walking the fells in the Lakes and surfing in the sea at Coldingham. He would also love to try his hand at writing some children’s stories.

Looking back over his five years – which he acknowledges to have been an adventure – Newbiggin will forever hold lasting memories for Peter.

He said: “I have met hundreds of people and have enjoyed working with children both at the Grace Darling campus and on school visits to St Bartholomew’s.

“The Christmas and Easter journeys run by St Andrew and St Mark’s Church each year also stand out as highlights.

“I have loved baptising many babies and adults, sharing in the joy of couples on their wedding day and hearing the amazing life stories of those loved ones to whom we have said farewell.

“I have also been working with a committed team of people who produce and distribute nearly 1,000 copies of The Point magazine each month, made possible through the support we have had from local businesses.”

Peter aded: “We have a new granddaughter Anna who is nearly six months old and I baptised her last Saturday.

“It was a great occasion for celebration and rejoicing for the whole family and was the very best 65th birthday present I could possibly have had.”

Peter’s farewell service in the parish takes place in St Bartholomew’s at 4pm, to which an open invitation is extended to anyone who wishes to attend.