Views wanted on buildings register

Conservation officer Martyn Kendall.
Conservation officer Martyn Kendall.

Residents are being asked for their views on a register aimed at protected unlisted properties in the county.

Blyth Town Council is looking to update the Buildings of Local Interest register, and is asking local people to have their say.

The purpose of the reguster, is to give some protection to unlisted properties of historic, military, social or architectural interest, with the intention of improving the town’s heritage value. 

The former Blyth Valley District Council produced a register in 1999, and the town council are now looking toupdate this register, removing some properties, no longer considered of sufficient architectural or historic interest, and to add others, which have been overlooked. 

Conservation officer Martyn Kendall , said: “This consultation will give Blyth residents an opportunity to decide which buildings of heritage interest receive better protection for future generations.”

A draft version of the register is available to view online on the council’s website, at, as well as copies being available for inspection at Blyth Library, Northumberland County Council Offices and the Blyth Town Council Ooffices.

The public consultation will run tuntil September 14, after which a completed document will be published and circulated.

Residents are invited to contact the office on the Blyth Town Council Office on (01670) 361668 for more information.