Village does not need superstore

WHY are they thinking about building a supermarket in Seaton Delaval?

Seaton Delaval is already sandwiched between superstores in Cramlington and West Monkseaton, and I fear a supermarket here would be the death knell for the Co-op.

It would have a far reaching effect on all sorts of things. I can’t see any corner shop existing alongside such competition.

These supermarkets are just ‘steam rolling’ everybody out of the way, and one would turn Seaton Delaval into a ‘wilderness’ for other businesses.

The local shops are ‘convenience’ stores. Should they close down it would mean we will have to walk an extra mile to buy convenience foods, and then be pushed and shoved about.

They would desecrate our village with more traffic, etc. It is bad enough already on a Sunday as the Avenue head is solid with traffic then.

Why don’t they build a petrol station? Something which is much needed in this area.

It would gain a lot of passing trade, being built on a main road, because as far as I can see we don’t have an accessible petrol station here.

I hope they will give this some serious consideration. It is not nice seeing shops boarded up because nobody wants them.

Empty shops is exactly what we are trying to avoid.


Seaton Delaval