Villagers fear there is not enough time to object to wind turbine

Villagers fear their picturesque surroundings could be lost forever if planning permission is granted for a 250ft wind turbine.

Residents living in Nedderton Village near Bedlington are angry at the timing of the proposals for the turbine off Netherton Lane.

They say many people are on holiday and have only been given a short time scale to submit their views.

Objections to the plans, which were received by Northumberland County Council on June 28, need to be submitted by Sunday.

Those against the turbine say this gives them no time to organise a campaign.

One objector, John Lawson, said: “The residents in the surrounding area find this proposal unacceptable but time is very short as the final date of objection is not enough time to begin a campaign to resist.

“We feel that if permission is granted, it will set a precedent, making it easier for the picturesque villages of Nedderton, Hepscott, Stannington and Bedlington to be turned into wind farms.

“They will be visible for miles around.”

The plans, submitted by Engena Limited, are for a single 77-metre wind turbine on land to the east of Burnt House Farm, off Netherton Lane, approximately 1.8km to the north west of Bedlington.

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said: “While the standard consultation period for this proposal ends on August 11, we can generally accept representations up to the date that the application is determined.

“If people feel that they need more time to respond they can write to us and request this, and we will accommodate a reasonable extension where this is possible.”