Vintage fair a let down

I am a huge fan of vintage clothing, make-up, music and general trend, so when I happened to notice a poster in Blyth’s Ridley park advertising a vintage craft fair, with music, stalls and old fashioned lawn games, I was naturally very excited and imagined a big event, especially since it was supposed to be a celebration for the park’s 110th anniversary.

However, when I arrived I could not have been more disappointed.

After spending almost two hours perfecting Veronica Lake curls, Elizabeth Taylor winged eyeliner and vintage clothing, I arrived to find a total of six stalls, only one of which was vintage, and credit where credit is due, she had some wonderful objects for sale and very reasonably priced.

But everything else looked like ordinary home-made crafts that you can buy on any market day.

As for the old fashioned lawn games? There were hoops, swing ball and modern games.

Where was the croquet, lawn bowls and children chasing metal hoops with sticks?

The entire ‘fair’ covered only the bowling green, how disappointing.

I feel some of the blame lies in the lack of advertising for the event as well as the jumble between vintage and modern.

This could have been a truly great family event but instead turned out to be a true disappointment.

At only 25-years-old I found myself older then the majority of things there.

Great concept but terrible execution, hope this idea is tried again though.

Laura Pattinson