VOTING: Postal vote confusion

A letter published last week entitled '˜No need to lose vote' unfortunately contained inaccurate information about postal voting.

Thursday, 8th June 2017, 6:18 am

Anyone who has been issued a postal vote at this election is unable to vote in a polling station. The only way they can vote is to use the postal ballot pack they have been sent.

If a voter has lost or never received their postal ballot pack, they can request a replacement before 5pm on election day (Thursday, June 8).

This replacement can be collected from the council offices at County Hall in Morpeth. After this time, by law, no replacement can be issued.

Any postal voter who visits the polling station for their area to request a ballot paper will be refused. Instead, they will be directed to contact the elections office at the council to arrange a replacement.

If a postal voter has received their postal ballot pack, but has failed to post it back in time, they can hand their completed postal ballot pack in at any polling station in their constituency.

Will Booth

Senior Elections Manager

Northumberland County Council