Waking up to the rhetoric

Isn’t it strange that Ronnie Campbell now feels it necessary to be ‘concerned’ over the immigration issue after all these years of the Labour Party’s Open Door policy.

He states that Theresa May and her ‘Tory cronies’ are to blame for the existing and ongoing immigration problem.

Also that Labour is listening to the genuine concerns of the people and not those using the issue to seek political advantage.

Well, Mr Campbell, you seem to have a very short memory, such as Labour causing this problem in the first place and not having a clue how to tackle the problem.

The ordinary people of this area remember all that successive governments have fed us on for more than 50 years.

We are not as stupid as some may think, we are waking up to all the rhetoric politicians have fed us and continue to feed us.

People think the electorate are stupid, well that offends us deeply, but the one thing we do have is our vote

Bill Johnson