WALKWAY: Warning signs needed

On the misnamed Eve Black Walkway from Seaton Sluice to Blyth, our dog was hit by one of a group of four fully equipped mountain bike cyclists.

Saturday, 13th February 2016, 10:55 am

My wife and I were walking past the toddler play area when the incident occurred. It could have been a child running from the play area. No doubt the cyclist’s response would have been what it was to ourselves, i.e. “keep your dog (child) under control”.

This typifies the mindset of a substantial group in the cycling fraternity. They are, after all, very special.

Clad in lycra, they may ride on the congested and inherently dangerous roads whilst lamenting the dangers, or they may cycle on pavements and down shared paths, thereby transferring the road dangers to the unwary pedestrian.

They need no identification or insurance should they be responsible for an accident.

At night they can cycle with derisory, and some even with no lights.

They have powerful friends. Sustrans, which is their lobby group, determined to promote all things cycling, is sponsored by the taxpayer. It sponsored the Eve Black ‘Walkway’.

Northumberland County Council, it seems, will continue to take no effective action to moderate the dangers to walkers with children, walkers with dogs, the elderly and infirm and those with a form of disability.

Notices stating ‘Use this path at your own risk’ are now long overdue.

Dr Bill Hutton