Walter goes angling for draw prize

AN ANGLER form Cramlington has been rewarded by the Environment Agency for his help in monitoring fish populations in the Tyne.

Each year, the Environment Agency runs a prize draw for anglers taking part in the River Tyne Angler Logbook Scheme for salmon and sea trout.

Walter Burtle was one of three anglers to be given a prize and given a fishing bag, two other fellow anglers were given fishing rods.

The logbook scheme was set up in 2004 as part of the monitoring programme required to assess the impact of the new Tyne crossing on stocks of salmon and sea trout in the river.

It collects detailed information on anglers’ catches and catch rates of these species of fish.

Niall Cook, the Environment Agency’s environmental monitoring officer, said: “About 150 anglers take part in the scheme each year and they provide us with vital information about the health of the Tyne’s game fishery.

“We really appreciate the efforts of everyone who takes part in the scheme and would welcome any new anglers who would like to get involved.”

Anglers wanting to join the scheme can visit, call Niall Cook on (0191) 203 4130, or email