Warning as cat found caught in a metal trap

'Fluff' the cat.
'Fluff' the cat.

PET owners are being warned to be on the look-out after a cat was discovered by dog walkers with its leg embedded in a metal trap.

Tilly the cat was taken to Cramlington’s Croft Veterinary Hospital at the weekend after she was found at the town’s Storey Street allotments.

Veterinary staff treating Tilly said she was brave and barely made a sound when the trap was removed from her leg.

She was given pain relief and was watered and fed, and is now recovering from her ordeal, although she will need radiographs to fully assess the damage caused to her leg.

Having recently had kittens, staff originally feared the little ones may have come to harm as Tilly may have been unable to care for them due to her predicament.

However, on Monday afternoon, Tilly was reunited with her relieved owners as well as her litter.

Croft primary care manager Ellie McIver called the traps “cruel” and urged other cat owners in Cramlington to be vigilant for more traps or injured animals.

She said: “The traps are illegal and dangerous and other cat owners really need to be warned if there are more traps in the area.”