Warning of legislation

A police office with a Draeger cassette.
A police office with a Draeger cassette.

A safety solutions provider from the county is urging employers to ensure they are aware of drug-drive limits under new legislation now implemented.

With 16 drugs – both illegal and prescription – covered under the legislation, motorists could face much tougher penalties if caught driving over the limits.

Drivers found guilty will face an automatic driving ban of at least a year, as well as a possible jail term of up to six months and a fine of up to £5,000.

Mark Burrup, from Blyth-based Dräger, said: “The new legislation is part of a wider policy to crack down on the menace of drug-driving.

“Drug-driving is a serious offence and the consequences can be devastating – with many people killed or injured because of drug-drivers.”

Dräger’s DrugTest 5000 equipment is currently one of only two Home Office type approved devices for testing cocaine and cannabis at the roadside.