Warning of rouge calls on doorstep

Residents are being warned to be on their guard against the growing problem of uninvited doorstep calls by rogue traders.

Northumberland County Council’s public protection service and Northumbria Police recently targeted traders operating in the area to determine if they were genuine.

It follows a number of recent incidents including a consumer who was taken to the bank by a fraudulent doorstep caller to withdraw a large sum of money to pay them.

Coun Dave Ledger, Northumberland County Council deputy leader, said: “Some doorstep callers will be genuine, honest traders, but a number of them may be unscrupulous rogue traders, frequently associated with fraudulent practises and distraction burglaries.

“Rogue traders often charge exorbitant prices for work that either does not take place or is of extremely poor quality.

“These corrupt traders think nothing of preying on the vulnerable residents in our communities.”

Philip Soderquest, acting head of public protection, added: “In circumstances where the work is quoted at £35 or over, consumers are entitled to a seven-day cooling off period by law.

“Genuine traders will abide by the laws.”

If you are unsure about a doorstep trader, call 08454 040506.