Warning to anti-social motorists

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POLICE are gearing up to put the brakes on anti-social driving in Ashington.

Officers are acting after receiving complaints about cars speeding in built up areas, loud exhausts and drivers playin music too loud.

Ashington neighbourhood policing team is launching an operation to educate motorists about anti-social driving while taking action against problem drivers.

In the coming weeks officers will be carrying out a series of initiatives.

Roadside check points will use speed monitoring equipment to show motorists how fast they are travelling in the 30mph zones.

Those who break the speed limit will be stopped and any caught excessively breaking speed limits will face further action.

Extra patrols will target hotspot areas while drivers causing annoyance with their cars or found driving anti-socially could have their cars seized.

CSO Martin Hayes said: “Although anti-social driving isn’t a big problem in the Ashington area, it remains a key issue for the neighbourhood policing team.

“The way we are running the operation means all drivers will have every opportunity to correct their driving as the initial stage of the operation is aimed at education.

“We’ll stop anyone driving anti-socially and speak to them and hopefully that will stop the problem.

“If the same driver is stopped more than once by police we’ll step up a gear and action will be taken.

“This should act as a warning to all those who choose to drive too fast or aggressively and who put other road users at risk, that it will not be tolerated in Ashington, whatever age they are.”

To report any incidents of anti-social driving to police contact 03456 043043 ext 69191.