Warnings in speeding clampdown

Advisory letters have been sent to more than 100 motorists in south east Northumberland in a bid to tackle speeding.

The Cramlington neighbourhood policing team carried out an operation at Holywell Village last month after concerns were raised by residents about speeding through the village.

Using specialist speed equipment they recorded more than 100 vehicles travelling above the speed limit.

Now the vehicle owners have all been sent warning letters about speeding.

A second operation in the village in conjunction with Northumberland County Council saw almost 50 vehicles travelling at excess speed. Follow up action will be taken.

Acting Chief Inspector Dave Harris said: “Following complaints from local residents we’ve carried out operations in the village using specialist speeding equipment, which has found people travelling at excess speed.

“We’ve sent advisory letters to the vehicle owners and follow up operations will be carried out with enforcement action taken against anyone continuing to ignore speed limits.

“We are committed to tackling the issues of most concern to residents and will continue to work together with the local authority to take action against motorists flouting the law.”