Warnings issued over ‘NekNominate’ craze

Warnings are being issued about the dangers of getting involved in a new internet craze.

Northumberland County Council is warning residents after the “NekNominate” trend on social media, which encourages people to drink a pint of alcohol and then nominate others to do the same.

The drinking is often accompanied by some form of dare, with people being encouraged to carry out more extreme ‘stunts’ which are then posted online.

Although the craze is aimed at over 18s there has been information that under age youngsters are getting involved in Northumberland.

Coun Dave Ledger, deputy leader of Northumberland County Council, with responsibility for public protection, said: “Drinking a large amount of alcohol quickly can have very serious consequences and we’d urge people to be responsible.

“The deaths of two young men in Ireland have been linked to this craze and we are asking people to think carefully before getting involved in anything which poses a risk to themselves or others.

“We’re also aware of young people who aren’t even old enough to drink alcohol taking part in this so-called game which is obviously a concern.

“We want to remind people the dangers alcohol can cause, especially when consumed in this way.”