WASTE: Encouraging fly-tipping

It started when I wanted some bulky waste disposed of '“ two items, a door and an old punch bag.

Thursday, 22nd June 2017, 6:36 am

I emailed Northumberland County Council to arrange collection and paid £30.

On the email, I mentioned that the waste was to the rear of the property, on the walkway. I even labelled the items so that the council staff would know it was unwanted waste.

On Friday, June 16, I came back from the shops to find a note through the door saying that I wasn’t in so the waste had not been uplifted.

I rang the council and was assured that a collection would be rearranged and the waste removal department would ring me back, which it didn’t.

I rang again on June 19 and twice had the same assurances.

Finally, I spoke to a nice lady called Simone, who organised a pick-up.

While I don’t agree, and never have agreed, with fly-tipping, I now see why in some circumstances people could be driven to it.

The final cost to myself after various phone calls, and being on hold while waiting for an operator, was about £40 – that’s £20 per item.

Adrian McRobb