WASTE: Extortionate charge hike

Regarding the brown bin garden waste scheme run by Northumberland County Council, the price is going up from £31 to £36 for 2018.

Saturday, 3rd February 2018, 06:08 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 14:56 pm

That is an increase of 16.1 per cent, which is an extortionate amount.

Last year, I wrote to the council to complain of the 10.7 per cent increase. It sent a letter with suggestions, such as sharing a bin with a neighbour, and stated how much the service costs the council, but that you can “complete the loop” by buying back the compost.

It failed to see the point I was making.

With all the new properties being built, there may be an increase in residents taking up the service, but what happens to the waste in households that do not have these bins?

I know for a fact that some residents put it in the green bin and some is thrown on to open land. Yes, some residents do take it to the tip.

I realise the council has financial difficulties, but then so do most households.

Is this scheme to fund all the fly-tipping that goes on, or is it to help with the Arch fiasco, or all the free events that Blyth offers?

What I wonder is the amount the council tax is going up by.

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