WATCH: Flood barriers go up as Northumberland prepares for storm

Workmen from the Environment Agency erected temporary barriers today as the North East battened down the hatches.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 12 January, 2017, 12:56

They put up 50 metres of defences next to Winbourne Quay at Blyth, and a further section along Newcastle Quayside near the Swing Bridge, amid warnings of a coastal surge, particularly in the early hours of Friday.

The region is expected to take a battering from gale force winds and large waves tomorrow and into Saturday.

People are urged to take extreme care and avoid walking along coastal paths and promenades.

Doug Wilson, national flood duty manager at the Environment Agency, said: "The combination of strong winds and high tides could result in flooding along sections of the east coast between now and Saturday. Large waves are also likely and these could cause water carrying dangerous debris to go over flood defences.

"Please remember to take extreme care when walking along coastal paths and promenades. Flooding of low lying coastal roads is also possible and people should avoid driving through flood water. Just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car.

"People should check their flood risk and keep up to date with the latest situation at, call Floodline on 0345 9881188 or follow @EnvAgency and #floodaware on Twitter for the latest flood updates."

Environment Agency workers erect temporary barriers at Winbourne Quay, Blyth. Picture by Jane Coltman