WATCH: Northumberland planting season in full swing

Northumberland County Council’s floral programme, which sees around 200,000 flowers planted each year, is in full bloom at present.

During spring, many thousands are brought out of the council’s nurseries to brighten up the county. Among the most widely-used flowers are geraniums, begonias and marigolds, with staff working to ensure a mixture of heights and colours across the thousands of beds and planters it looks after.

Northumberland County Council's planting programme.

Northumberland County Council's planting programme.

These days, flower towers are more widely used than hanging baskets as they are easier to maintain, needing a lot less watering, while at the same time, often giving more impressive displays.

The local authority works closely with town and parish councils, local voluntary groups and businesses up and down Northumberland which want to enhance their local areas, especially as part of the prestigious Northumbria in Bloom competition. Many town and parish councils choose to use the county council’s neighbourhood services teams to supply and help maintain the plants for their local floral displays as well as provide enhanced grass-cutting and cleansing services.

Greg Gavin, head of neighbourhood services at Northumberland County Council, said: “The thousands of flowers we plant each year are one of the more high-profile activities we carry out.

“Having well-maintained and colourful flower beds and displays in our parks, towns and villages brings a number of benefits. They improve people’s quality of life, give a good impression to residents and visitors and play their part in ensuring the county remains a top tourism destination.

“While people only notice when the flowers are in full bloom, it really is a year-round operation, cultivating thousands of plants from seed, growing them, planting them and maintaining them once they’re in place.

“Many of our town and parish councils pay for extra planting in their areas and we’re always keen to speak to those others who may wish to take up this offer.

“We are looking forward to another great year and expect that the high environmental standards being achieved in our parks, towns and villages will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike and recognised yet again with excellent results for our communities in both the regional Northumbria in Bloom and national Britain in Bloom competitions.”