We are now living in a ‘ghost town’

SO another shop in Blyth is set to close, Bonmarché. How many more?

Strange how the same store remains open in Cramlington. Does this not speak volumes?

We have nothing left in Blyth, the market is no longer a market, and the shops are closing left, right and centre.

My husband and I, and just about all our family and friends, go to Cramlington for our shopping.

Lots of shops and almost all under one roof.

This could have been Blyth if the planners had used their heads and continued the Keel Row into the market and covered it all in.

It may have encouraged traders to continue trading.

Too late now, Blyth is a ghost town, we have nothing left.

From a few years ago when we had a really good shopping town centre where people came from all over, now, no one wants to come, and who can blame them?